About the Sloanes

Meet Miriam Sloane.

Her husband left her for her picky co-worker, just after her parents kicked her out for getting married to him secretly. Miriam lived in a motel for four months before the owner threatened to kick her out, as well.

So Miriam bought a cheap house, leaving her with only $1,300 in her pocket.

When Miriam arrived at the house, there was nothing but an empty lot. After inquiring with her neighbors and getting nowhere, Miriam realizes that she is forced to live there because she has no money to buy another house.

Miriam finds love, laborers, and lunatics in her hunt to raise money for her future generations.

How far will she make it?

The Sloane family is a PS3 Adaptation of the Legacy Challenge for PC. I am doing this purely for entertainment, and also because I don’t have the Sims 3 for PC. Please don’t hate on me. Just enjoy what I am doing, please, or leave. Please take the time to read and like!


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