Welcome to the Sloane Family.

We are pleased to have you here. We hope everything meets your expectations.


My name is Miriam Sloane.

I moved to Moonlight Bay not too long ago, trying to get away from my cheating husband and start a new life. But as soon as I got here, I knew everything was going to change.


The house I bought was gone. Disappeared. Nobody wants to tell me what happened to the house. Were the owners divorcing and set it on fire? Did aliens swoop down and take it? Did a pan of bacon burn it up? I don’t know. But with you here, we’re going to find out. And I might as well find a little love interest while I’m at it.


Who knows? Moonlight Bay might have a little secrets up its sleeve, but I’m here to find them out.


The Sloane Family Legacy is a PS3 Version of The Legacy Challenge on PC. Do not come if you’re not looking for a PS3 Version, just enjoy.



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